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My class this summer has been cancelled.  No idea why, but i'm not asking or complaining.  It's been rescheduled for September 6 until October 25.  The two months' reprieve seems like a godsend and I feel like I have a bit more time now to find options.  Joe already mentioned taking some time off to come stay with me.  That would be cool, although I know he wouldn't stay for two months.

Hopefully Ellie is having a good birthday.  They were having a water activity at daycare this morning and then, since my last-hour-of-the-day request was denied, they will take Ellie her cupcakes and little presents for the class around 3.  My mom is going to make spaghetti and ice cream pie for Ellie for dinner.  (Both are big favorites.)

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Apr. 5th, 2006 10:36 am
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Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! So far, it's been a great day and I wasn't really expecting that.

Joe invited friends over for drinks last night as a little surprise. It was fun to sit around and hang out for a bit. Plus, their kids love Ellie and always keep her busy when they are here. This morning, he brought me a huge vase of flowers and some cupcakes. Then we went out for breakfast. It was so unexpected and lots of fun to just hang out. It reminded me a lot of our younger and with less responsibilities days.

This is the first time Joe has been around for my birthday in four years. The first time he was in Kuwait on his way to Iraq. Then he was in Georgia two years ago and last year he was in Iraq again. It's so nice to have him around.


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