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I want to write about our trip to DC, but I only have a few minutes. We are having a great time so far. It's freaking cold here, but it's cool to be in such a big city.


Mar. 16th, 2007 09:37 pm
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After hours on the phone, I finally got Joe, Ellie and I on the same flight. Who would have thought it would be so hard. We arrive on April 7, a Saturday, and we leave on the 13th, a Friday. Any suggestions on hotels? Ideally, I'd like something in a good location for walking to the downtown stuff, maybe near a metro stop.

Oh, and I could use some advice. Every time we've traveled with Ellie, it's always been to visit someone. I have a stroller, which I think I might need for all the sightseeing, but it's really a mall type stroller. Better than an umbrella stroller, but maybe not good enough for all day walking around. I'm considering buying one of the those backpack carriers. Any stroller/backpack suggestions, pros, cons?

Here's my next it socially acceptable to ride in a cab without a carseat? Am I supposed to bring hers with us? I normally do but I don't think we will be in anyone's car on this trip. If we do get in a taxi, I want her to be safe, but I dont' think I've ever seen anyone buckle in a car seat before getting in a cab.

Oh, meara and maria, will you guys be around those days?

eta: Oh, and one more thing. I have never been to any of the Smithsonians (there is more than one, right?) although I have seen most of the monuments. Is there one that is better than the rest? Air and Space, maybe? Is there one that would really appeal to Ellie?


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