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1.  Look at this picture!  Bear tracks in the snow on the steps in our back yard.  I think it's really cool although I'm glad they have only been by at night so far.  There is currently a doe and buck in our front yard and the dogs are going nuts.  The deer, however, are impervious to indoor-dog barking.

2.  It seems that we are buying a house!  We were looking but it was very much on the backburner.  But I got a tip on something last Friday and when we followed up on it, it was the right house at the right time and right price. So now we are jumping through hoops trying to get all the paperwork done in time to meet some tax deadlines.  The one good thing is that we are pushing back the actual move for a while.  I'm totally not looking forward to moving ourselves (a first!) but the good thing is that having to carry all your stuff means you do a better job of de-cluttering, so that will be nice.  Although I am nervous about taking on so much debt, the cool thing is that once the move is completed, we should be better off financially, in our own home, and less cluttered. 

3.  Ellie had a cavity filled yesterday under sedation.  It was totally worth the out-of-pocket expense and I'm glad we could afford it.  She was very proud of how brave she was and spent the entire afternoon sleeping off the drugs. 

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Ellie is 11 months old today. It's hard for me to believe. I was looking through my LJ archive this morning - last year at this time I was posting about how lonely I was feeling but how I was trying to appreciate it because very soon I would never be alone again. I bet I have been alone maybe an hour since Ellie was born. I've left her for periods of time, but always because I was doing something else.

Our realtor told me that someone almost made an offer on our house last week and still possibly could. Not in a "we expect it to happen way" but still, it was encouraging to me.

Turns out the movers are coming tomorrow for the small batch of stuff. I have almost everything piled in the guest room. Also, I think I have the dog's flight stuff worked out with American Airlines. Toby is too heavy for their priority service but I think the only downside to that is that we have to drop them off at the Cargo terminal (where ever that is) and not the regular ticket counter.

The Weekend

May. 2nd, 2006 02:23 pm
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(Okay, so I'm a little behind...)

Saturday )

Sunday )

Monday )

Today )

Oh, and we totally cleaned the house before we left for Charleston at 5am. It was so worth it because when we came home, a realtor had been there. No word from them, so I'm guessing there's no offer coming, but still, I was glad that we had cleaned.


Mar. 20th, 2006 02:18 pm
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Today just feels like a crappy day. Ellie's extra fussy for some reason, maybe teeth. It's cold and gray outside and I wish it would just rain already. Our house has been on the market for almost a month now and not a single person has come to see it. That is depressing because either it's priced too high or the agents around here are strongly anti-showing-a-house-to-someone-without-a-seller's-agent. We lowered the price by 6K, which is also depressing because even if the house sells, it's less money. Oh, and my period started today for the first time in 18 months. And I want to make cookies but I only have one egg. And the grocery store is a 45 minute round trip.

Ok, none of that is really that serious, but this day just feels crappy. Maybe it's PMS? I don't remember.


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