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It seems I'm having a boy.  I'm very excited about that because I had this sort of dream a few weeks ago where, when I woke up, I just knew it was a boy and I was supposed to name him Samuel.  It probably doesn't hurt that I've been watching a lot of SPN, or that Samuel also works well in Spanish, but when I woke up, I was thinking about the biblical story of Samuel - how Hannah wanted a child and couldn't have one.  And then God answered her prayer and she named him Samuel, meaning "God has heard."  Because I wanted this baby for a long time and had given up on having a third, and then he just sort of showed up in a way that should have been very difficult.

The cool thing about my advanced maternal age is that the did a complete genetic screen and the ultrasound was very in depth.  We got to see lots of the baby's organs and bones.  In particular, I loved the radius/ulna.  It looked just like a regular skeleton, but tiny.  He was very active and looked healthy.

I humored the doctor by listening to his recommendation about having the baby born between 39-40 weeks because...okay, honestly I didn't really get what he was saying .  Something about being older, increased risk of something, and so on.  But absent a major medical problem, this little one will come when he is ready.

Because I am nerdy like that, they also gave me a copy of the baby's family tree that the genetic counselor made.  It's cool because it goes all the way back to the baby's great grandparents.
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