Jun. 7th, 2006 09:13 am
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[cross-post with Ellie's blog]

Ellie has always been so good when we eat out. She snacks, she plays, she's generally quiet and happy. BUt she's never eaten six dinners out in a row before. Two nights ago, we had an awful dinner at Tony Roma's. The food was crummy, it was over-priced and Ellie was not happy. We walked a bit after dinner so we had a chance to talk to Ray and that part was fine, but I felt bad. It was not pleasant or relaxing.

Last night, we had dinner, a little earlier for Ellie, with the guy Joe is replacing and his senior enlisted guy. They chose a really nice restaurant. Very expensive looking. Within about 5 minutes, Ellie had thrown a knife on the floor and then I managed to fall on the floor leaning over to pick up the knife. It went downhill from there. The food was very good and I has about five bites of it. I spent the rest of the night giving Ellie small bites of the broth that came with the beans. Then Joe and I switched so I could eat, but he didn't catch on that she was just eating the broth and not the beans. He gave her a bean, she spit it out, arched her back, and screamed. To calm her down, I took her into the bathroom. She seemed sleepy and I thought maybe I'd nurse and and she'd sleep. She did doze off but then some girls came in and she wanted to see what they were doing. The rest of the night was simply a repeat of all of the above. Oh, and the bill for dinner - $100! Just for the two of us - for food I didn't even get to eat! We took it home, but it wasn't the same eating out of the metal tin on the hotel couch.

So, no more dinners out for a while. I think we may just be eating Subway in the hotel room for a few days.

In other news, I'm a bit worried about Ellie in general. She has been eating substantially less since we got here. I know she's getting enough nutrition from nursing, but I don't know what has changed her appetite for solid food so much. I would just chalk it up to change and adjustment, but she's had a runny nose since we arrived also. Joe thinks he has allergies here and I'm afraid she does too. Do they make Allegra for babies? Would I even want her to take it if they did?

Also, yesterday afternoon, she was having a great time standing in front of the aquarium in the lobby. It's huge and she was just walking back and forth between my chair and the aquarium. Then she'd stop for a while and follow the sharks along the aquarium itself. At some point, she decided to expand her area and she tried to walk to the metal and glass coffee table in the lobby. She didn't make it and she fell and cut her nose. She's fine now but there was a lot of blood when she fell. The lady behind the front desk gave me an *alcohol wipe* when I asked her for a first aid kit. We went to get some Neosporin and she's fine now. Her nose has a half-moon shaped cut on it and is a bit swollen. It's been a rough 24 hours.