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The movers told me they would try to come today. They later told Joe they would definitely come on Tuesday. Since Tuesday was the originally scheduled date and since Joe talked to them last, we assumed Tuesday it was. Joe headed off to clear Ft. Bragg and I put Ellie down for a nap.

Then I got a call from the realtor saying they wanted to show the house at 10:15. Then I got a call from my friend saying she was behind my moving trucks and they were almost at my house. I explained to her that my moving trucks were coming tomorrow and right about that time, they pulled up in front of my house.

So - baby is sleeping, dogs are lose, husband is not home, potential home buyers are coming, last few boxes are *not* packed, and the movers are here. Within about five minutes, Ellie woke up and I locked up the dogs. I called Joe and he jumped in his car to get back here. The movers are actually really cool (they saw the unpacked alcohol and said "I don't see anything") and the real estate people showed up an hour later. So, despite the stress of having it all happen at once, it's working out pretty well. And, I'm okay with the fact that none of this followed my plan.
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I have just finished taking about 57 batteries out of about 17 baby toys. The movers also won't take anything liquid (bye-bye bar!), candles, lightbulbs, keys, and money. It's the liquid that gets expensive. Besides the alcohol, they won't take cleaning supplies and any opened bottles (oils, shampoo, cooking sherry, etc.) This is why moving is expensive.

I'm totally packing a box of expensive liquids, batteries, and candles tonight after they leave.

ION, Ellie learned to go up the stairs today. We have two stairs between our living room and sunroom. She can only go up one, but I think that's pretty good considering that she can't crawl (and thus doesn't really get the hands and knees thing). It's a good thing she's entertaining herself with stairs because the only toy she has is a handful of poker chips I found upstairs.


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