May. 7th, 2006 07:05 am
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Yesterday was our 6th anniversary. We have spent them in Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Colorado/Iraq, Georgia/Colorado, North Carolina/Iraq, and then together in Sanford. Very international. Anyway, we had a nice day. We went to a 6 year-old's birthday party in the morning with Ellie. Lots of stimulation for an almost-one year old, but she seemed to have fun. Then last night we left her with friends and went to walk around downtown Fayetteville. We had dinner at Pierro's. My food was good. Joe's chicken marinara was tough, but he sent it back and they were very gracious. At dinner we discussed our future - a vacation in the Amazon with my family (hopefully), another baby (but not before the Amazon, hopefully), and where we want to go after Puerto Rico. It would not be good career-wise for me, but we both would be willing to stick around the Army a few more years if it meant we could live in Europe during that time. So, we will see. Dinner was a lot of fun and I only worried about Ellie a tiny bit. It was so relaxing to sit and talk and just focus on the conversation. We got coffee next door when we were done and then walked back to the car. Ellie did okay with my friends - I guess she was sort of unhappy the last hour, definitely missing mom, but they enjoyed watching her, so I guess it was okay.

Today, I'm headed off to the picnic my doula has every year. I went last year - 34 weeks pregnant. It will be fun to see everyone again - lots of babies! Joe is headed to Norfolk today for a 10 day class to get him ready for his next job. Ellie and i will be going to New Mexico to see my parents on Tuesday.


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