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As of today, it has been two months since my car accident.  I finally got my car back on Saturday.  Also, we finally have a copy of the police report (in which the other driver blames his actions on a "car veering into his lane" but it's clearly not *my* fault so I guess that's good enough for now.  If they ever get around to asking me, I'll tell them there was no mysterious veering car.

Anyway, when we picked up my car, the driver's panel that controls the windows wasn't working.  Once we mentioned this to them, they said they were still waiting for that part and would call us once the part came in.  Then I noticed that the rear driver's side tire, the one that took all the impact, hadn't been replaced and still had maroon paint on it.  They said the insurance company hadn't authorized that to be replaced.  Also, they replaced a tire with a non-matching one and put in on in the wrong direction.  Well, I wouldn't call this fixed.

So, Joe sat there and complained (I had to go home because we were waiting for furnitire to be delivered) and after several hours, they finally replaced the damaged rim and got us two matching tires, installed correctly.  They said they would call us as soon as the window part comes in.

Here's the part of all this that concerns me.  These people have been so tight with money and trust since day one - refusing to do any work until the check from the insurance actually cleared the bank - that I can't beleive they suddenly, out of kindness, decided to just give us a rim and tire (total value about $400) that the insruance company hadn't yet paid for.  Now, I'm worried they have tried to skim money off the top by taking short cuts with my repairs.

(I would be very willing to take the care to the Honda dealership and trade it in but car's are about 10-15% more expensive here and that seems like a lot of money to spend on a suspicion.)

The car looks fine and I can see some of the new parts, but I'm not a mechanic and neither is Joe.  We are going to try to get the insurance appraiser to come verify that the work done matches with what he authorized, but like everything else, I'm sure that will be difficult.

(Oh, and in order to take the car off the island when we leave, we have to go register the reparis with the police department.  Of course, the value of the repairs on the documents for the police is nothing even close to what the shop charged the insurance company.)
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 Joe dropped me off at work this morning.  The plan for today is for him to drop me off, me to get a ride to Ft. Buchanan with C so we can walk after work and then Joe will pick me up again tonight.  It works fine for today because Joe has to spend the day doing car/insurance related stuff and needs to work late anyway.  Who knows what will happen tomorrow.  There is a government car Joe can use during the day but eh's not supposed to drive it home, although he can park it at Ft. B.  But, that's still 10-20 minutes from our house, depending on traffic, and I'd have to go get him each night, plus drop him off at about 5am, which means waking Ellie very early, and overall is not a good plan.  

We may just bite the bullet and rent a car for two weeks.  Not cheap - and it pisses me off because this accident was NOT MY FAULT - but our lives may just require access to 2 cars.

On the plus side, since Joe dropped me off this morning, I got here early enough to get chai before work.  And as I was walking across the parking lot, there was this huge flock of green parrots in the trees.  I am still enough of a mainland US resident to be happy at the sight of parrots flying around.


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