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All day long, Frisco has been behind on his sleep - having a hard time falling asleep and only sleeping for 30-45 minutes. The whole family went for a car ride because I knew Frisco needed to sleep. He has also needed to poop all day long. I'm not sure why it was difficult - he only drinks milk. Anyway, he finally had a dirty diaper about two hours ago and he has been sound asleep since.


May. 10th, 2008 08:20 am
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I see haven't posted in a week! It's weird - being home with Frisco I spend a fair amount of time reading stuff online but I rarely seem to have time to actually type. This has been such a great week.

1. Tuesday was our 8th anniversary. These last few months have been a bit rough between Joe and I. Nothing major but the stress of his job and a new baby have sort of been taken out on each other, I think. Anyway, for our anniversary, Joe left his phones in the car (huge!) and we spent the day together. We had Frisco with us, but he's pretty easy going. We started out the day by dropping Ellie off at school and heading to the Caribe Hilton for breakfast. It's my favorite hotel here in San Juan and has really beautiful grounds. So, we had a great breakfast of fruit, pastries, and an omelette. I had fresh OJ, a mimosa, and awesome hot chocolate.

From there, we walked around a bit. We discovered a point over the water where you can see tons of tropical fish. Absolutely gorgeous blue, black, and yellow fish of all sizes just swimming in the surf. We watched them for a while and then went and hung out in a giant hammock under the palm trees. We talked for a while and then I nursed Frisco and we all napped. I think we sat there for maybe an hour. Then it looked like rain so we headed to the big mall here.

While we were there, I did some shopping. Ellie needed a new swimsuit and Frisco needed some pants and I got great deals. Then I went to Old Navy and got a few things for me. (I'm in that awkward post-pregnancy stage where my boobs are huge and my hips are plenty big too, but not big enough to still wear maternity stuff.) We then sat in the mall's nursing room for a bit while Frisco had his lunch. This room was really nice (two rockers and really cute) and pretty unusual here in PR. I wanted to be sure to use the room so the people who created it know it is appreciated. We then got Chinese for lunch and went to see Ironman. After the movie, we picked up Ellie, ran a few errands (I found a cute bike for Ellie's birthday. It does have characters (Dora) but it's not annoyingly pink. I've been looking for a bike for a while so I was really happy to find it.)

The really great thing about the day was that it served to remind me that I do really like who my husband is. He works really hard and sometimes I get frustrated that he doesn't have more time for me. But when he is away from his phone nad his computer, he's still the guy that I've been missing. So, being reminded that he still exists makes it easier to continue to put up with all the work stuff. One more year!

2. Speaking of Joe's job, it was confirmed yesterday that he will be promoted June 1st. Besides being super proud of him, I'm still sort of chuckling internally at how we ever got old enough for him to be a LTC. That's a rank for old people! Still, he has worked hard for it and deserves it. The rank also means a decent sized pay increase which will help me relax a bit on money issues. Things have been a bit tight since I quit working but shouldn't be so tight now.

3. My closest friend here, C, is pregnant. She had an ectopic pregnancy that landed her in the hospital last December. She hasn't confirmed yet that this pregnancy is okay (it's still too early) but I'm very hopeful for her.

4. I have sort of made a new friend. She and her husband are here in PR with the Army. She's a few years younger than me, but not by much. She is expecting a baby boy at the end of June. So, when she quits her job and has the baby, I'll have another friend to hang out with. This is good because while C is an awesome friend, she is really my only friend left here and I sometimes feel like I depend on her too much to meet my friend needs.

5. Frisco and Ellie have both been so cute lately in their own ways. Frisco can now laugh which is awesome. He has crossed that line from newborn to baby. It hit me this week that we are over half way through the nursing only phase of his life. I can't believe that. I think of him as so new but he's already 3.5 months old. I just remember feeling like Ellie and I had such a long time of just nursing. It's just one way of measuring time but the point is that time is going by quickly.

Last night in the tub, Ellie had all her ducks out and showed me the mommy duck, daddy duck (he has a surfboard), Ellie duck (this duck flashes and is from e_juliana), and the Frisco duck. She then puts the Ellie duck up to the Frisco duck and says, "Don't cry baby Frisco duck. Mommy's here," and then brings over the mommy duck. It was very cute.

6. Joe and Ellie are off this morning to buy me a "surprise." Ellie took her little purse and Joe gave her two dollars and she found a dime to put in there.

7. Yesterday, I went to a "lunch" at Ellie's school. Basically, I sat with her and the other kids in her room and some of the other moms. I was so impressed - Ellie can serve herself. They have scoops and deep spoons but I was genuinely surprised to see that she can do so much herself. And, she ate a ton of food. Two servings of rice and chicken and fruit. She skipped the cabbage and beans, but she did take some on her plate. When she was done, she got up, scraped off her plate, stacked her plate, washed her hands, brushed her teeth, got her mat and blanket and laid down for her nap. She really can do so much when Joe and I aren't around. Frisco laid down with her for a few minutes and then we left - with no crying. Very impressive! Anyway, the lunch was really nice and I truly enjoyed visiting with her.

8. Oh - I officially am no longer employed by the US Government! I turned in my credentials and access badges on Thursday. And my generator (so funny - it was in case of hurricanes). The thing I will miss the most is my airport pass since it let me get to any gate at any time and I could escort people too. But, I'm happy to be done with that place.
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They will both probably hate me posting this someday, but:

Ellie was helping me get Frisco dressed the other day and noticed that he has something she doesn't.

Ellie: Mommy, what dat?

Me: That's his penis. It's how he goes pee-pee.

Ellie: Frisco, dat you peanut!

The funnier thing is that every time I change him or he's in the bath, she points out his "peanut" to him.

11 lbs

Mar. 13th, 2008 01:45 pm
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So, Frisco now weighs 10 lbs, 15 oz. He's six weeks old so that means he's gained about a half pound a week. SO different from Ellie. He has a whole pile of clothes he's outgrown already.

He also had his first vaccinations yesterday. Today he has a fever of about 100. He's been a bit more clingy than normal but other than that, he's okay.
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Well, it's not as dull as I remembered it being. I think this is mainly because Frisco is so little that he can really be bent to my schedule. I mean, yeah, it's not all cake, and he does have his moments, but mostly, he's easy. The hardest thing, I think, is that he's never happy at dinnertime so I'm either eating standing or eating sideways, trying not to spill food on him while he's in the Bjorn.

Still, there's not as much time as I remember either. 5:30 to 8:00 is taken up with getting me, Frisco, and Ellie dressed and dropping Ellie off at school. I try to leave the house no later than 3:30 to pick her up. So, I actually only have 7.5 hours - which still sounds like a ton but I bet I spend half of it nursing Frisco or holding him while he sleeps and getting him to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, this week he doesn't like the swing so much and seems to prefer the little bassinet I have. At night, we are doing much better - we are co-sleeping most of the night, although I still get up at least once to nurse him. We can only nurse lying down on my left side so I try to remember to have the right side coincide with a diaper change.

I think Frisco probably weighs over 10 lbs now. He's maybe about the size Ellie was at 2-3 month, although I should go back and check that. Speaking of Ellie, she's been having a hard time. Joe was gone Tuesday to Saturday and left again yesterday afternoon. I think he will be home on Friday. I've been trying to give her lots of extra attention and hugs, but it's hard to do when she's so whiny. The tiniest little thing sets her off and she's so touchy. Not exactly disobedient, but she doesn't respond to correction nearly as well as normal. Of course, she's had to share me 24/7 with Joe being gone and I know that makes it all worse. Her teachers tell me she's been the same way at school.

Then, last night, she went to sleep in her own bed and I woke up around 10:30 with her standing in the closet. I think she might have been looking for the bathroom. I tried to get her into her bed (no luck) and then my bed (no luck) so I actually fell asleep with her slouched against the edge of my bed with her head on my stomach. When I woke up over an hour later, she was still there and when I went to lift her into bed, she was soaked form the waist down and her skin was freezing form the air conditioner. (I assume she was going to the bathroom, got confused, fell asleep, and then had the accident.) I stripped her down and rolled her into bed and covered her up so she got warm. This morning, she woke up happy but started whining pretty quickly. I think we are doing all the right things and I know it will be easier when Joe is here. I just hope all the right things start helping quickly.


Feb. 29th, 2008 08:45 am
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Thanks to everyone for the comments/suggestions/kind words regarding my post from yesterday. I think I've decided to just leave the whole thing alone for the moment.  If anything happens before March 14th, I might do something but for now, I'm just going to hold off.

ION, Ellie slept in her "Cars" bed last night, falling asleep in her own bed for the first time ever.  (Not the cutest picture ever but I had to commemorate the moment.)  Also, Frisco slept for 5 hours in a row!  I win at life!!!


Feb. 26th, 2008 11:52 am
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I"m 90% sure Frisco is getting a cold. He's one month old today. Ellie brought home a cold on Friday - runny nose mostly. Yesterday, I sneezed all day and today I have a very sore throat. Today, Frisco is sneezing a bunch and I can here that there's some snot in there (i.e. not just an irritated nose sneeze.) Ellie's first cold was awful and I"m just praying Frisco does not get sick like that. Hopefully, the antibodies in breastmilk that are always touted will make the cold less bad than it would have been.

Of course, Joe left this morning for a business trip until Saturday.

eta: Perhaps this explains why he has wanted to be held constantly for the last 24-36 hours. I always feel so damn guilty every time one of my kids wants more from me and I get irritated only to find out later that they were getting sick/teething.
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Recent talk of children not sleeping made me want to share my night last night:

Everything was great until about 2:20 when Frisco woke up.  I got up and nursed him and apparently Joe was awake because he got up to keep me company.  Unfortunately, this woke up Ellie who spent 20 minutes sitting next to me on the couch screaming, "Mommy!" while I nursed Frisco.  With Frisco now asleep, I headed off to bed with Ellie around 3:00 and laid there and cuddled with her until she fell asleep. Of course, as soon as I handed Frisco to Joe, he woke up and started crying his pitiful little newborn cry.  As I lay there with Ellie, I could tell Joe was trying everything to no avail.  Finally, around 3:20, Ellie fell asleep so I got up to tend to Frisco.  As I was getting him settled, Ellie woke up again (she was probably not totally asleep when I left the first time, feeling stressed about getting to Frisco), so to make everyone happy, I just took Frisco to bed and all four of us tried to get some sleep.

Except that Frisco is not big enough yet for us to nurse successfully in the dark so I kept turning the light on to check his latch and so on.  This would prompt Ellie to sit up and see what was going on.  Finally, around 4:00, Ellie was truly asleep and Frisco was fussing/crying, so I got up, changed his diaper, and laid down with him on the couch.  At 4:30, he needed another diaper change so I just gave up and sat out on the couch with him.  I slept there until about 7:30 when Ellie woke up.  Thankfully, my mom got up at the same time and basically ordered me back to bed when I told her about our night.  I rested/slept in bed until around 9:00, when I was awoken by Ellie putting a quarter on my face.  By that time, I felt human again.

Baby Stuff

Feb. 2nd, 2008 02:02 am
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Good news!  Frisco is back to his birth weight.  He was also circumcised today and all I can say is that it wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be.

Right now, he's wide awake on my lap hiccuping.  I feel bad but his expressions look so perplexed that it makes me laugh.

My aunt Sue is visiting for the weekend.  It's great having yet another pair of hands.
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Francisco Alexander
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7 lbs, 12 oz
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