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1. I came down with a cold the day before Thanksgiving. The cold stuff went away after 5 days or so, but I've had a sore throat since (now over two weeks). I'm fairly doctorphobic, but I finally went to see my doctor (who I love) on Friday and he told me I drip. Wonderful. So there's nothing he can do, but I am so tired of feeling like crap. My throat is dramatically worse at night which means that I have no motivation to run in the morning because of how crappy I feel. And I really miss running.

2. We had a fun weekend. Joe bought me a new bike on Saturday. It's beautiful. I can't wait for enough snow to melt so I can go ride it. Sunday, we had four events scheduled outside the house - a lot for the kids. We had church in the morning, followed by a Christmas social with the JAG here. That was a lot of fun - I met some new people, talked law with some lawyers, and ate yummy food. Then Ellie's choir sang in church last night. Frisco was not the best behaved. Actually, he was really excited about it, but he wouldn't stop yelling "Ellie!" the entire time she was up on the stage so I had to take him out. After the concert, we had dinner at a friend's house. This friend, L, we knew in Puerto Rico and the kids really like her. It was a very kid-friendly dinner and all the guests were parents/grandparents/great-grandparents, but the low point was when Ellie puked onto her plate. (Thankfully only the on the plate.) No one made a big deal about it and Ellie was only slightly embarrassed, but it was a long day. Mostly fun, but long.

3. As part of Joe's job, he has a lot of contact with people who are dissatisfied with one thing or another. Through his job, he met two women, one who has a 2 year old and the other has a 15 month old, and he has invited them over for dinner tomorrow. Both of these women lost their husband in Afghanistan recently. I'm very happy to have them over for dinner. But I know nothing about them other than what I've written above. And I'm not really sure how to relate to them. It seems callous not to acknowledge their very recent loss, but I don't want to dwell on it either. And it seems like almost any topic would tangentially relate. Future plans, what are you doing here in Colorado, raising kids, it's all affected by now facing their lives without their husbands. You know, you always hear about how people who have lost someone often feel shunned. Which has always sounded so cruel to me, but I have to say that I get it. I'm not close enough to these women, obviously, to think they might want to talk to me, and yet are meeting only because their husbands are dead. I think I'm capable of just going with the flow and I hope our home can be a warm and brief break for them.


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