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Yesterday was an almost picture perfect day.  It was a local holiday so Joe and I did not have to work, BUT Ellie's daycare was open.  We dropped her off at almost the regular time and then headed to Starbucks for THREE HOURS!  It was awesome.  I just sat and sipped chai and hot chocolate and finished re-reading HP6 and started HP7.  (What a beginning! but I'm not done yet so don't spoil me!!!)  After hours of just sitting and hanging out, we got lunch at Subway and headed to the beach.  The plan was to paddle around on Joe's surfboards.  (NO actual surfing for me.)  The weather was very nice, warm but with a breeze.  Unfortunately, there was a rather strong current and withthe breeze, the water was rather choppy.  I don't have much upper body strength, but we paddled around some and then went it.  Joe got me a virgin pina colada while he got the car and we rushed home to shower and go see HP5.  After that, we picked up Ellie at the normal time, got groceries, and headed home.  

Joe and I figured out that we have not spent a day alone like that since Novemeber 2004, before he went to Iraq.  It was so much fun.  I'm going to try to plan days off during the week like that more often.

Here's some thoughts on the movies and books.  AGAIN, I'M NOT DONE READING THE LAST BOOK SO PLEASE DON'T RUIN IT FOR ME!!!!! (Sorry, just wanted to be sure everyone saw that.)

Hopefully, I can read another big chunk tonight.


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