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Ellie woke up tonight at 11 with a fever of 102. No other symptoms but she was so hot. I'm worried about her, worried Frisco will get it, bummed she will miss her school's Easter party tomorrow, bummed I have to pack while watching a sick child, bummed we can't walk tomorrow (today), and worried we might not be able to leave for Minnesota on Wwdnesday as planned.

Sick Baby

Jun. 18th, 2007 04:07 pm
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Ellie woke up last night around 1am with a low fever (100).  Since she still had it when we woke up, I stayed home with her.  I feel like a bit of a shammer because she seems basically herself, although a bit more whiny, but obviously, it's not good for her or the other kids for her to go with a fever. 

Today, however, has just served to remind me how I don't like my job.  Someone asked me if I ever think about that baby that I would have had from my last pregnancy.   i don't much - I'm too emotionally prepared (read scarred) to have gotten very attached so quickly, but I did get excited about the idea that I would only have to work until Christmas time.  Since my friend left at the end of April, work is just not fun.  And my new position is  very stressful.

But the thing is...I'm not a quitter.  It just feels too much like a spoiled brat to just up and leave because I don't really like it.  Ellie would have to leave daycare full time if I quit.  I do like her going at least a few hours everyday.  I think it's as good for her as it is for me to have some adult time. 

I keep hoping that my dissatisfaction is simply my usual "I hate everything new" and will go away on its own in the next few weeks.


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