Sep. 14th, 2007 12:36 pm
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I guess I'm in the right field:

1. Corporate Lawyer
2. Lobbyist
3. Politician
4. Judge
5. Civil Litigator
6. Criminal Lawyer
7. Lawyer
8. Criminologist
9. Professor
10. Anthropologist

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Our internet has been down at home so I've been using my iPhone to read, but not post.  Here's the summary version of my life:

1.  Ellie fell out of bed last night and hit her head.  I felt so bad and that thud is just sickening.  She seemed okay and I dind't see a lump, but I still feel like a Bad Mommy.  Other than that, Ellie seems to be doing fine - saying all sorts of funny things and generally impressing her parents.

2.  I have my ultrasound tomorrow.  (I think.) Hopefully, the baby will cooperate and we can see the gender.

3.  Work has been...weird.  The people in my office have been mean and vicious, but the new boss (old boss left last week) and our Big!Boss in Miami have been very supportive.  Hopefully, the idea of training is put on hold until after the baby comes.  Oh, and the me-switching-to-my-old-position isn't going to happen because apparently even if I"m not valued here, I am at our headquarters.

4.  I got an email from a contact about possibly working with a pro bono immigrant advocacy thing in some capactiy.  We have to talk on the phone and I won't know more until then.  It's possible that this could lead to something like the non-profit I mentioned here a few months ago, but it's a long shot.

5.  I'm more and more leaning towards not coming back here when the baby is born.  I think I've learned what I can and the money isn't worht the stress.  Plus, child care for two is very expensive and leaves me with about $400 a month after childcare and loan payments.  So, we will see. 
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1. I start my new job next Monday. It's in the same section as where I am now, but I think I have to change offices. I'm excited about more money. I'm stressed about having to interview people in Spanish. I keep trying to convince them to just let me write denials or only to do citizenship interviews (mostly all are in English) but it hasn't worked yet.

2. I'm very tired and hungry. I feel like I've been dragging a bit since our trip to DC. Probably just need a quiet weekend, except that I have to work on Saturday.

3. Ellie fell and bumped her head pretty bad on Sunday night. Her bruise isn't a bump anymore but it looks so purple. Thankfully, she's unaware of it. Her newest trick is to go "ooo" in a mock whistle when we whistle to her. It's extra cute because she knows we are going to laugh and she can hardly keep her lips in the little o shape long enough to make any noise.

4. My friend (who was working here for 90 days) leaves on Monday. I'm sad about that - I have had exactly four friends since I got here and she's the third one to move to DC.

5. A bus almost ran me off the road on Saturday. Typical driving for here. However, we were on a steep hill and it was raining. When I started moving forward again, my car slipped off the road a bit and scraped against the guard rail. Yay guard rail, but I'm mad about the scratch on my car.
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I did not get the Trial Attorney position after all. Basically, the head attorney here wanted me but her supervisor wanted someone with more litigation experience. I understand that even though I'm disappointed. Oddly enough, my current boss offered me a position today as well. Not as high paying as the attorney job and not as cool, ultimately, but probably less pressure and hours overall. Even though I'm pretty bummed out, professionlly, personally, I think this may be the right thing. Yeah, it's less money and responsibility, and less cool, but it will be better for us as a family and the money will be okay.

Anyway, I just thought I should mention it.


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