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Joe is at Ft. Lewis right now, which is south of Seattle.  He's been telling me how beautiful it is - pine trees, Mt. Ranier, cool weather, crisp air, and it's making me really long for the Northwest.  I keep trying to remind myself that a) one year I lived there it rained 93 days in a row and b) one summer I lived there I could not wear shorts once on a weekend.  But I miss the cool weather so much and I actually even miss the rain.  I'm so ready to leave PR and would absolutely love to go to Ft. Lewis.  Of course, if we go there now, it means almost immediate deployment to Iraq for 15 months due to his skills, experience, current time away from the war, and general lack of personnel.  So, we stay for now, but I sure do miss that area.

ION, I spent $101 at Hanna Andersson yesterday.  In my defense, they had a sale!  Everything I got was 50% off, except some training pants for Ellie.  I figured I worked overtime a few weeks ago and got extra money for that, plus it's her birthday.  And I wanted to try the training pants.  Yesterday, Ellie used the little potty we have for her 5 times.  She's definitely interested in it.  They are going to move her to the 2+ room at daycare on June 18th.  Since they support potty training there, I'm doing what I can to support her current interest.  (Of course, if she loses interest, so will I.  I definitely don't want to push her.)


May. 18th, 2006 06:55 am
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The movers will be here in another two hours or so. I"m very sad to be packing up our home. I guess my "home" is where Joe, Ellie, and the dogs are, but I'm still sad.
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Ellie is 11 months old today. It's hard for me to believe. I was looking through my LJ archive this morning - last year at this time I was posting about how lonely I was feeling but how I was trying to appreciate it because very soon I would never be alone again. I bet I have been alone maybe an hour since Ellie was born. I've left her for periods of time, but always because I was doing something else.

Our realtor told me that someone almost made an offer on our house last week and still possibly could. Not in a "we expect it to happen way" but still, it was encouraging to me.

Turns out the movers are coming tomorrow for the small batch of stuff. I have almost everything piled in the guest room. Also, I think I have the dog's flight stuff worked out with American Airlines. Toby is too heavy for their priority service but I think the only downside to that is that we have to drop them off at the Cargo terminal (where ever that is) and not the regular ticket counter.


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