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The kittens all appear to be doing well. They are still in the Christmas tree box.  They are very energetic and feisty, so I'm assuming their mother is still feeding them.  Given that, and the situation inside our house (dogs and toddler), they seem safest where they are so I have let them stay put.  I've been leaving water and the occasional small piece of chicken for them.  

I checked into getting them spayed/neutered but haven't had much luck.  The Human Society will do it ($40-45 a piece) but the wait is over a month and you have to pay now.  I can't imagine they will still be there in a month and I don't want to contain them (see above situation with mama cat, dogs, and toddler) for that much time.  The vet on Ft. Buchanan can't do it now (no vet at the moment) but say they can come October.  Same probelm - I doubt the kittens will be around in October.  I'm sure there is a vet in town who would do it now, but it's likely to be expensive and I truly do not even have the time to call about my own appointments, let alone cat appointments.  Right now, it looks like we will be trying to keep them safe until they reach that stage where they head off on their own.  I have no idea when that is, although I have seen several adolescent cats around on their own.


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