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One of the very few really enjoyable things about living here is, when the summer is at its hottest, hanging out by the pool.  Ellie loves to swim and lately she's become brave enough (again) to jump in the water.  She's enjoying going under and holding her breathe and can kick herself to the top.  (She will only be truly safe near the pool when she learns to swim so we keeping working at that.) 

Today, I took Frisco in the water but after 2 minutes, I could tell that he was too tired to enjoy himself.  We got out and I changed him back into his clothes.  I brought down his swing and put it in the shade near the pool.  Ellie and I went out in the water and had a rgeat time splashing and floating around.  Frisco seemed to really enjoy just watching us and in maybe 10-15 minutes, he had fallen asleep. 

Joe made hamburgers with guacamole and hot dogs.  I had guacamole on my burger and even more with chips.  It was so delicious.  After eating, Ellie and I washed the dogs (they needed baths bad!)  Then, we got out the blueberry cobbler, Haagen Dazs vanilla, and whipped cream from last night.  It was a fantastic dessert.  Ellie and Joe spent some more time "surfing" around the pool while I cleaned up and got changed.  I took Ellie upstairs (she fell asleep in maybe 5 minutes) and then came back down here to sit with Frisco.

It was such a fun afternoon with great food.  I complain about living here *a lot* so these nice afternoonds really stand out!
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 After my post of frustration yesterday, I googled "albuquerque birth center" (since that's where my parents live) and the first link was to an awesome looking/sounding birth center where the midwives will either come to you, or you can use their birth center.  And they take insurance.  I just wanted to cry because it sounds exactly like what I want.

But if I go that route, it almost guarantees Joe won't be there.  I suspect that would be fine with him (he's not home and we haven't talked much since he's pretty busy on his trip), but I know what an amazing experience it was and I think he would want to be there if he knew.  But he's wanted our baby born outside Puerto Rico from the beginning.

The whole thing just makes me mad.  I have two health insurance plans, both of which are pretty good.  I should be able to find a situation in which I can be comfortable and have my baby and yet have a safe back-up option if necessary.  Territory or not, I'm still in the US.  When I'm the most frustrated, I just imagine bending over, having them do the epidural, and just have the baby their way.  And I could accept that, but then I have to put up with 2-3 days in a substandard hospital with limited visiting hours and limited access to my baby and no 3rd party (husband or someone else) who can stick around and be my advocate.  Three days away from Ellie when she could be bonding with the baby seems so wrong.

I need to talk to Joe, I guess.  I suspect he will be all for me going to stay with my parents for a few weeks and will do his best to fly out as soon as I'm in labor.  As for him missing the birth, I guess we will just have to have a 3rd baby so he can hopefully be there for that one.
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Thanks to [personal profile] stephl and [personal profile] e_juliana, I was totally craving good food yesterday.  Pregnancy has made meat very unappealing so sushi was sounding great.  Joe was going to bring some home but at the last minute he decided that we should all go out.  We went to our favorite sushi restaurant here and ordered all our favorites.  Ellie got to sit by the fish tank and between the fish, the ginger, the miso soup, and the rice, she was so busy and entertained.  We had a wonderful and peaceful meal (a rarity with a two-year old) and afterwrads we walked down to this nearby park.  There is a really cool fountain that fascinated Ellie for a bit and then we went to walk down by the beach.  There was a cool walkway that Ellie loved and we saw a hermit crab.  The hermit crab was tiny and Joe held it so Ellie could get a good look at it.  Then, down on the rocks, we saw lots of big crabs walking around and jumping from rock to rock.  And, finally, on the walk back, we saw a one-eyed cat hunting in the grass.  Ellie seems to like kitties now, from a distance, and she was talking about the crabs and the cat all the way home. 

In summary, great food, great time, and great walk afterwards. 
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[x-post with Ellie's blog]

So, despite a rough beginning, the week ended really well. On Thursday afternoon, Ellie and I made brownies for her daycare teachers as part of a Teacher Appreciation lunch they were having. Ellie and I had lots of fun making the brownies and licking the bowl afterwards. Friday, after work, we made brownies again since the entire first batch had gone to the teachers.

Saturday, Joe and I decided that we were tired of spending our weekends working around the house, so we got up early and decided to head to the southwest corner of the island. On our way, we stopped at a car wash fundraiser Joe’s cadets were having and then we headed to camp Santiago to get gas, drinks, and let Ellie play on the military planes and Jeeps they have there. After that, we headed back in the car, drove for a while, and then got lost. The southwest corner of Puerto Rico is almost like a savannah – hot and dry. Good ranch lands, I guess, but pretty empty. Since we had the dogs with us, we couldn’t enjoy the beautiful state park beach we saw, but we headed off on a pretty rough dirt road that led us right next to this beautiful beach. The only bad part was that there were weeds in the water. We found a clear spot and spent some time just enjoying the water. I found all sorts of huge shells and large pieces of coral. I found an entire conch shell about five inches long. The dogs had a great time swimming in the water. Unfortunately, Ellie had not slept much in the car so she was pretty tired. And it was incredibly hot. We all piled back into the car and once we had cooled off some, changed into dry clothes. We then drove down to another cool looking town with a beach and then headed to the very tip of Puerto Rico. It was sort of disappointing – mostly salt marsh. So, we headed back north and up and around the island towards home. In the end, it was a nice day away from the house.

On Sunday morning, Joe went downstairs to make breakfast, I lay in bed next Ellie, who was still sleeping, and read for about an hour. While I was there, I couldn’t help but think that this was the perfect Mother’s Day – reading in bed next to my sleeping baby. We eventually got up, had a great breakfast (pancakes with fresh blueberries), and went to church. We then came home, did a little bit of housework, and then went for a swim in the pool. After that, we all went out front to wash the cars. Ellie had a good time with the hose. She was in charge of rinsing the wheels, although she needed a fair amount of assistance and supervision. It was a good day and a fun weekend.

In Ellie news, her new favorite activity is to walk the dogs. Or dog really. She does not like to ride in her stroller for walks anymore and instead likes to walk Sebastian. If I try to help her, she is very insistent in her “no, no, Mommy”. I insist on holding her and the leash when cars go by or if we see other dogs/cats, but mostly, Ellie does a good job of walking behind Sebastian holding on to the leash. She probably trips about once per walk but she gets up right away, determined to keep going.
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Our power went out last night just as Joe was sitting down to eat. Thankfully, his food was already hot. Ellie and I had already eaten since he got home late. It was just our block – the neighbors behind up had power.

There is nothing more depressing than sitting in the humid dark of your own house and hearing your neighbors’ generators crank up and seeing lights go on here and there.

I gave Ellie a bath with Joe holding the flashlight and rocked her to sleep while Joe and I talked with the flashlight keeping us company. It was so much better than the last time the power went out – it was sort of cool for Puerto Rico. We opened the windows and got an occasional breeze. Since there was nothing to do and Joe had to get up at 3am to leave for Tampa (again!) we went to bed around 8. Then the mosquitoes started biting. Joe went downstairs and got one of our mosquito coils (not meant to be used inside, by the way) and I got a couple of sheets. I covered Ellie up with one and we put the other over us. Hopefully, the smoke wasn’t too harmful. It was warm, but we all managed to fall asleep.

Of course, the neighbors had no interest in sleeping and with the windows open we could hear all sorts of talking, playing, yelling, and dogs barking. Then we were woken up around 10 to a big cheer when the power came back up. We all slept okay until 2:30 when Joe got up. I went back to sleep when Joe left and of course, I had not set the alarm properly when the power came back on so it didn’t go off this morning and I had to rush out the door. The back of my throat is a little sore – I’m hoping it’s from the coil and I’m not getting sick. Ellie still has a slight cough from the last time she was sick and we don’t need any more, thank you.

One of the things Joe and I talked about while we were just lying in bed last night was Iraq. He was telling me that the generators reminded him of being in Iraq because everything there was run off of huge generators. He said one time the power was off for two days and there was a near riot. KBR is in charge of that stuff and I guess all the military guys were very unhappy. It also got me thinking about how much it must suck to be an Iraqi these days. Beyond the bombings and constant concern for your safety, just sitting in the dark every night would be so depressing.


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