Nov. 1st, 2007 12:53 pm
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[x-post with Ellie's blog]

So, to recap Halloween -

Ellie wore her costume to school. She seemed to really love it although she was totally over having her picture taken. The teachers told me they wore the costumes for a bit in the morning and then after lunch. Ellie left preschool with a bag full of candy. Normally, the school is really good about giving healthy snacks, but even *my* mother made an exception on Halloween and I guess the preschool does as well.

After picking up Ellie, we walked with my friend C and her daughter A. The walk was nice and Ellie spent most of it eating candy from her bag. Just as the walk ended, we had a little incident. If Peter and the Wolf had been written by Peter's mother, it would have gone something like this: Peter cried wolf, everyone came running. Peter cried wolf again, everyone came running. Then Peter actually saw a wolf, cried wolf, and no one came. After Peter got bit, his mom felt really bad because even though he cried wolf before, this time, he really did need her. Except my story would be Ellie and the Ants. I responded as soon as I saw an ant, but I wasn't fast enough. Ellie got bit three times on the legs and twice on her hand. Of course, they all swelled up fairly large, necessitating ice and lots of kisses. I think she will be fine, but I got bit too and it is so irritating and sore.

After the ant incident, we met Joe who brought Ellie an awesome surfboard he had made as a prop for her costume. We changed her back into her penguin costume and went over to our church. (Our neighborhood doesn't really trick or treat, which is a bummer to me, but the church had a nice festival.) Ellie was extremely cute in her costume plus surfboard and she collected lots of candy. Once she figured out that it was candy that people were putting in her pumpkin, she was all over that. She ate as much I she could get her hands on before we left. We stopped at McDonald's on the way home.

As you may have guessed from all this candy and french fries, Ellie did not sleep all that well last night. I'm thinking she might have been hungry, although I couldn't get her to eat anything before bed, plus I'm sure the ant bites were irritating her. Bedtime was pretty rough - she was screaming and crying with Joe. I was totally stressed downstairs that Joe was stressed so I finally went upstairs. I should have been stronger, I suppose, but it worked out okay, because she basically curled up next to me and went to bed. She woke up many time last night and kept alternating between asking to nurse and asking for more candy, but I always managed to get her back to sleep with cuddling only. So, while not over, night weaning seems to be continuing apace.


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