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I don't think I mentioned this here but starting last Wednesday, I'd been having a lot of pain in my left heel. It felt like I had stepped on something really hard. I tried wearing tennis shoes for two days but it really didn't at all. By accident almost, I put on my Crocs (I hate them because they are bright green and make my size 9.5 feet look HUGE) and I was in heaven. For the first time in days I could walk and not be in pain.

In search of a less flashy color to wear to work, I discovered that Crocs now come in a much more normal-shoe looking style. Yeah, more expensive, but they are part canvas and actually look sort of cute.  So, now that I had comfortable shoes to wear, I decided to try to fix my other pregnancy induced, and probably related, problem - swollen ankles.  

Last time I was pregnant, my ankles started to swell around 27 weeks.  I'm at 26 just now and sure enough, last week, I noticed my ankles swelling.  Also, I was blessed (yeah, right!) with very transparent skin which, when combined with pregnancy, means that my ankles, particularly my left one, turn into a lovely combination of blue/purple/red.  I have so many blue spider veins in my left ankle that I can hardly bear to look at it.  I've been wearing shorts and capris because of the heat but I cannot stand to see my legs in the mirror because of the lovely combination of spider veins and the occaisional varicose vein.  I got some very neutral-colored compression socks and so far, they are working.  

Combined with my Crocs, I feel like a new person.


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