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Ellie has been up for 30 minutes. She's very happy. She never does this. We are currently listening to Baa Baa Black Sheep because there is a sheep on her toy of the moment and she needs the appropriate accompaniment. I've noticed lately that she does this - her toy giraffe or a giraffe in her book requires us to play Joshua Giraffe, the sighting of a bus on the road requires Wheels on the Bus, and so on.

I went to visit my friend B last night - she is in the hospital with her triplets. All three have been admitted for a week now. They are in the same hospital that Ellie was in - in fact they are just across the hall from where she was. I had total flashbacks walking in there. (Oh, and I couldn't use the normal door because there was blood all over the floor. That's unusual, right?)

The three babies are all on an antibiotic that requires 14 days, via IV. ????? 17 days in the hospital with 3 16-month old babies? My friend has done a nice job of decorating their rooms and making it feel homey. Each baby has his/her own crib and IV line - each of which requires a fair amount of untangling. The main reason the babies are there - all three had very high fevers (105 she said) and two had UTIs. The third was admitted as soon as he had a fever so the UTI might never have really developed.

In the mean time, I have a coworker who has a three month old daughter. She was admitted on Saturday with a...high fever and UTI. What do they have in common? They all go to the same daycare - thankfully not Ellie's but the one that I originally wanted Ellie to go to. I've never heard of UTIs being contagious, but surely it's not a coincidence that the 4 babies I know who go to that daycare are all in the hospital with the same (or almost the same) thing.


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