Jun. 23rd, 2012 03:11 pm
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About three hours ago, a forest fire started about 15 miles from my house.  It's in the mountains that are on the edge of Colorado Springs.  Supposedly 150 acres burning and the fire started just 3 hours ago.  It's not actually that close to my house, but because it's on a mountain, I can see the flames as well as the smoke.

I'm thankful for twitter and FB.  It's actually very easy to be updated with my phone.

I've been sort of mentally going through my list of what I would take with me - important papers, the dogs, a few clothes, baby pictures, my computer.  I doubt it will get that far - or if it does, it will mean that half the city is on fire.  But the fire crews are staging in a parking lot just a couple of blocks from my office, which is creepy.  The evacuation place is the high school just a couple of miles from here.  There are firetrucks driving from everywhere to the fire and police cars heading up the mountain.  It's 99 degrees out and very windy.

The good parts are that the whole state is already on fire so the firefighting assets are already in state and nearby, and Colorado has lots of experience fighting these fires.  They've already got helicopters and slurry bombers flying around.

There 's no point in being upset.  The worst case scenario would be that I take what I need with me, the house burns down, and we start over.  But the kids and I would all be okay and that's the most important thing.  But I'm still kind of anxious.

eta: proof that I'm anxious.  it just now occurred to me to look at what direction the fire is moving - thankfully it's moving mostly north which is not towards me.


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